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Cup Sleeve Labeling Machine
Dec 06, 2018

Cup Sleeve Labeling

XINHUA has the excellent and real professional cup sleeve labeling machine line in china ( auto cup feeder +auto sleeve lableller+electric hot air shrink tunnel +auto cup restacker)

Characteristics Feature

1. The one and only professional Automatic cup sleeve labeling line, save cost of manually putting cups and restacking the cups

2. Suitable for different diameter ,height and shape of cups by changing machine parts

3. Smooth auto cup feeding system,

4. 100% food grade label shrink by Hot Air shrink tunnel, realize both Sterilization and production environmental protection

(use steam shrink tunnel to shrink label will leave steam moisture on the surface and inside of the cup, Easy to breed bacteria and mildew inside cups)

5. No need to put any cup mandrels on covenyors and no need to rotate the cups inside tunnels as the tunnel hot air is real 360 degree recirculating air

6. Recirculating Hot Air Max Shrink tunnels temperature no exceed 90 degrees(others supplier tunnel will be over 140 degrees), this tunnel

save energy and maximize the electrical heater life , and can shrink thinner and lighter cup without cup deforamtion

7. Stable Cup Restacking system with precise counting unit to pack cup stack into carton box

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